patchwork quilt carmarthenPatchwork

What is Patchwork?

Patchwork is the craft of sewing pieces of cut fabrics into a larger design. This design can usually be based on a repeat pattern until the chosen design is built. This is achieved by using different colour-ways and shapes. These shapes are carefully measured and cut. There are many different ways of making “blocks” which are then sewn together. Precise joining makes the patchwork lay flat without any puckers, and when you have all of your blocks they can then be joined together. This then becomes known as the “quilt top”

I supply patchwork, quilting weight cotton fabric in many themes and colours.

Custom Quilting

Customised Quilting is exactly what it says; the bespoke and unique stitching of a design. A complex design could include cross-hatching, individual block patterns, stitch in the ditch etc. Each section of the quilt is independently quilted to the customer’s specifications. This is a time-intensive process, and it achieves dramatic and wonderful effect, truly enhancing the individual design of the patchwork top into a family heirloom.

waddingWhat is Quilting?

Quilting is the term used to sandwich two layers of fabrics together with wadding in between. Quilting can be done by hand, domestic sewing machine or the Longarm Quilting Machine.

If you’re making a quilt, finding the correct wadding fabric is essential to its success. Why? It provides the warmth, durability and essential snugness of any given quilt. Even if you’re making a lightweight summer quilt, wadding is essential to provide a proper shape and structure.

Wadding and Batting

We always have plenty of quality wadding and batting available for you to buy or for us to use when we make items to order. Wadding plays an important part in patchwork and quilting, forming the internal layer of the quilt sandwich.

Lots of wadding and batting on the stall...

  • 100% cotton
  • 80% cotton with 20% polyester
  • 100% wool
  • 50% cotton with 50% bamboo
  • 100% polyester

As well as

  • Sew in foam & heat n bond
  • Decovil light & heavy

So much choice.

Whatever fabric you choose for your quilt, you need it to be a good quality. And the same goes for wadding. Poor quality wadding will result in a quilt that is out of shape and not at all long-lasting. If you need any advice when buying this then pop in or give us a call.

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